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"The Trail Provides..."


It’s a common phrase to hear on any of the long scenic trails that cross the U.S. It’s a sense of cosmic karma! A sense that, when you’ve hit a low point, or are in actual need of a simple kindness, often something special happens. A stranger suddenly stops to offer a hitch.

An unexpected water cache sits next to the trail. Day hikers hand you a tangerine or a soda. These sorts of moments renew your belief in humanity, and the common thread we all share.

Those of us lucky enough to have experienced a long journey with moments such as these feel the desire to give back. To pay it forward. How can we help the next season of hikers? HikerBooty is committed to doing just this. HikerBooty will donate a portion of its proceeds to  Warrior Expeditions. To learn more about Warrior Expeditions please check out their website at  www.warriorexpeditions.org  We also intend to host a substantial trail magic shindig during the 2018 season!

Hikertrash, let’s celebrate THIS: Our mutual love of the trail…of the wet socks, and crammed motel rooms, of the warm beer and the biting wind and the creepy sound of sticks cracking through the night. The cowboy campin’ cuddle parties, the polar bear swims and that feeling of not knowing what will happen tomorrow!

We’re a uniquely proud and loyal fellowship—an espirit de corps—because of what we’ve shared as hikertrash together.  Proud to be hikertrash—now and forever!

HikerBooty LLC is a collaborative group of artists, outdoors men and avid hikers. Together we have put together unique watercolors and illustrations that best portray some of America's National Scenic Trails and Oregon's Public Lands. 
Our goal is draw people to the outdoors, encourage those to protect your resources and to support your parks!
Happy hiking and happy trails everyone.

Proud owner of HikerBooty LLC
Rebel Biscuit


10% of proceeds will be donated to

Oregon WIld,


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